With bluquist you integrate all decision makers in the company into a potential-oriented recruiting process.

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Fill all positions of your
company optimally

Today, vacancies and open positions are mostly held in many different places in the company, unsorted, on the basis of simple and not very meaningful CV and skills data. This does not have to be! We help you to implement a consistent process with a uniform database.

Best fit
is in focus

With bluquist you manage all your vacancies in one place. The employees from HR or other departments have access and the vacancies are enriched with skills and other important requirements from the areas of personality, culture and motivations. Recruiting finally becomes people-centric, simple and the “best fit” is made possible.


Easy creation and management of vacancies based on roles

Job details

Comprehensive description of vacancies via framework data such as salary range, location, remote share and type of employment


Easy assignment and comparability of candidates including matching scores and comparison charts with reference profile data


Link to team module for better overview of vacancies of your teams and easy onboarding

Candidate Management

Optimal handling and ideal staffing for "potentials"

Candidates and their fit to the company and the role are today one of the most important components for sustainable and successful growth of organizations. Every person has different experiences and different expectations of the company.

The potential-based way to manage a sustainable pool of applicants for your company.

Dealing sensitively with applicants is of utmost importance in the recruitment process. With bluquist’s assistance you will easily find the optimal way to deal with them and ensure the sustainable satisfaction of the people in your company.


Customized integrations with your HRM system.

bluquist extends your administrative HRM system for employee and applicant management by incorporating real data about human potential into the decision-making process. We know that companies want a direct connection to the HRM system. That’s why our integration team takes care of connecting to systems as needed during setup to make your job easier and more efficient.

Everything in one Place

The complete suite for Human Potential

Leverage your approach with ease by combining your 360s with potential, performance and well-being tools. Create a insight and recommendation hub for organizational growth.

Assessment hub

All your assessments in
one place

360 reviews

Personal, customizable,

Talent analytics

Potential-based people development

Role management

Intelligent roles and career paths

Team dynamics

Lead people


Match talent to skill, culture and team fit

Health & prevention

Boost wellbeing & resilience in the organization

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