Create better teams

Do you wonder why some of your teams are successful and others are not? Every person is unique and has different motives, preferences and needs. These individual traits are partly responsible for whether a person feels comfortable in a certain environment – or not. This determines individual performance and team dynamics – and thus the overall performance of your teams.

With our team module you will find out if a person and the team fit together and what your team needs to develop its full potential.

How it works:

1. Get to know your teams even better

Map your team structure and use our objective assessments to make the potential and challenges of the individual teams visible. This data supports you in your daily team management and allows you to identify conflicts and challenges at an early stage.

2. Bring together the right people

Whether you want to build your team based on skills, culture, or motivations: It’s never been easier to create teams that perform to their full potential. Create new roles on your team and add people who bring new perspectives, increase diversity, or fill gaps. The entire team benefits.

3. Develop strengths & competencies of your teams

Develop your teams according to their potential. Identify and develop strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Through our insights, teams and leaders get to know each other better. The result: A stronger cohesion and a higher willingness to perform within the team.

The team-module includes:

  • Easy creation and management of your teams
  • Overview of the interaction of the different personalities in the team with their individual values, preferences and strengths
  • Overview of skill and diversity gaps
  • Adding employees and roles
  • Planning of staff requirements (see link to Candidate module)
  • Aggregation of employee data on team level and comprehensive comparison function as basis for individual leadership style or team workshops

Unleash human potential

Every person is unique. With bluquist, you can learn more about your employees and candidates and find out what drives them to perform at their best. This is how the working world of the future works.

Try it out!

Experience bluquist for yourself and see the positive changes you can make with our tool.