Product updates

Version 23.6 (Release 04/2024)

Version 23.6 unveils an exciting new addition to our suite of measurement tools: Surveys. This feature opens up new avenues for gathering insights swiftly and efficiently. Key highlights include:

  • Introducing Surveys: Create surveys effortlessly with our intuitive survey builder, supporting various question types and multi-language questionnaires.
  • Flexible Data Collection: Collect survey data directly within Bluquist, invite external participants via email, or share open participation links for broader engagement.
  • Real-time Visual Insights: Witness your survey results unfold in real-time, empowering you with immediate feedback as data streams in.
  • Iterative Survey Analysis: Perform multiple iterations of the same survey, observing insights evolve over time to inform strategic decisions.
  • Enhanced Configuration and Management: Benefit from advanced configuration options for 360 assessments, tailoring the experience to your specific needs.
  • Heightened Security: Safeguard your Bluquist accounts with the option to enforce two-factor authentication, ensuring the utmost security for your data.
Version 23.5 (Release 01/2024)

In version 23.5 we’re introducing granular support for recurring assessments, revolutionizing the way you plan and execute assessments. Key highlights include:

  • Recurring Assessment Capabilities: Seamlessly create assessments that can be performed repeatedly, tailored precisely to your organizational needs.
  • Detailed Assessment History: Access a comprehensive history of assessments completed multiple times within your personal profile, providing invaluable insights into developmental progress.
  • Company-wide Aggregated Results: Gain a holistic understanding of your company’s skills, values, and performance with aggregated results, illuminating both strengths and areas for development.
Version 21.7 (Release 01/2022)

With this release we have created the possibility for you to integrate individual assessments and thus enable:

New user group for candidates:

  • the mapping of individual competence models in the context of employee development
  • the use of individual competence models for the creation of role profiles incl. matching functionality
  • the use of individual assessments in the recruiting module (vacancies and candidate matching)
  • the use of individual assessments in the team management module

For the integration of individual assessments in your instance, please contact If required, we are also happy to support you in developing your own competency models and associated assessments.

Other new features in this release:

  • Individual branding: You can upload your individual company logo in the settings (this will then be displayed in your instance and in e-mail dialogs)
  • Export of result charts: Export single result diagrams from user profiles as graphics to add them to your presentations or documents afterwards
  • Document upload and links to candidate profiles: Add any documents or links to candidate profiles
  • Define standard assessments: Assessments defined as default are automatically preselected upon invitation (can be individually deactivated)
  • Individualized user invitations with sender: When inviting users, the name of the inviting user as well as the name of the instance is automatically added to the email
  • Selection of job families in role management: Assign your created roles to a job family
  • Advanced formatting options for role description: For improved structure of your role descriptions
Version 21.6 (Release 11/2021)

Our biggest release to date comes with numerous features that make recruiting with bluquist even easier. You can look forward to the following new features:

New user group for candidates:

  • Candidates can be invited in the same way as employees and assigned to specific assessments.
  • including extended metadata, such as age, gender, place of residence, nationality, industry experience, job requirements and motivation
  • Specific onboarding flow for candidates
  • Sharing of profiles via sharing link (incl. role fit)
  • Assignment of candidates to vacancies

Note: The assignment of users to user groups can be changed via Settings / User Management.

Vacancy management

  • Easy creation and management of vacancies based on roles
  • Comprehensive description of vacancies via framework data such as salary range, location / remote share, type of employment
  • Easy assignment and comparison of candidates including matching scores and comparison charts with reference profile data
  • Link to team module for better overview of vacancies in your teams
  • Management of vacancy status (open, filled, archived)
  • Easy editing, duplication and deletion of vacancies
  • Sharing of vacancies via sharing link incl. anonymization option

Improved dialog for removing roles

  • Roles assigned via team management can be removed more easily

Refined career levels

  • The career levels Professional, Experienced, Expert, Manager, Executive are now available for selection

Easy access to the Help Center

  • Help center directly accessible via dialog icon
Version 21.5.1 (Release 07/2021)

Improved search function:

  • Search for additional attributes possible
  • Improved handling of search functions (caching of search parameters)

Share function for user profiles:

  • Profiles, e.g. of candidates can be shared securely (and anonymized if desired) via links and can be accessed without a platform account
  • Employees can share their profile

Improved presentation of assessment results (psychological potential):

  • Improved classification of results
  • Individual recommendations according to the results

Simplified profile deletion:

  • Users can quickly and easily delete their profile themselves and have increased control over their data

Roles view in employee profile:

  • Assigned roles can now be viewed in the context of the employee profile

Link to Help Center:

  • Users can access help via Help Center (link in Settings section)


All updates are summarized in this video:

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Version 21.4.0 (Release 04/2021)

New and comprehensive team management incl.:

  • Easy team creation
  • Easy team staffing with employees and roles (to plan team staffing)
  • Comprehensive team profile that aggregates assessment data of all employees and allows easy comparisons of personality, motivation, skills & preferences (ideal for staffing considerations, team development & coaching)
  • Simple entry of team details via text editor

Further development of wellbeing tracking, incl.:

  • Extension of the individual wellbeing tracker by week view
  • Revised calculation of the 7-Day-Wellbeing-Index (only available after at least 5 entries)
  • Automatic sending of a weekly wellbeing report via email (configurable by administrators in the organization settings)

Other improvements, such as:

  • New sorting of RMP motives in the employee profile (according to intensity of expression).
  • Improved dialog for inviting employees
  • Direct link in email notifications to message settings
  • More gender-conform language (e.g. “employees”)
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements