The One Platform for Holistic Talent Management & People Development

Empower the potential of every person in your company with bluquist. The platform of choice to develop and decode the H for Human in HR. People-centric, end-to-end and integrated with your HR Suite.

From hiring people,

to developing employees,

to promoting careers,

to global company insights.

The bluquist experience A complete suite:

Start on a journey of organisational growth with our potential development modules that scale from 1 to 100.000 people with ease.

bluquist also conveniently connects with and extends your core HR systems with valuable talent data.

Assessment hub & 360 feedback

Create your own central assessments hub and enable your employees to grow with a fully personalised development experience.

Talent matching

Discover the potential of your employees and organization by aggregated data views that enable matching in the areas of rolemanagement, teammanagement, recruitment …

Analytics & dashboards

Understand the dynamics of your teams and your organisation, empower every team leader with effective data and understand trends.

AI development assistant

Receive ongoing valuable support and recommendations from bluquist evo, the most advanced development guidance AI, for your development and leadership.

Human development conversations

Directly available experienced coaches will support your people in professional development and define growth & performance roadmaps together.

Custom Surveys

Additionally bluquist offers comprehensive survey options with templates and from scratch as an integral part of the Human Potential Suite to always understand what moves your organisation.

Explore our suite in action:

From Challenge to Triumph – The Stories of Our Client Achievements

Voices of Success: Our client stories

Enabling a global organization to provide skills-based assessments for thousands of people on 3 continents.

Gonzalo Ninaus

Global Talent Management & Development Director @ Campari Group

Explore our benefits

Faster recruiting

With bluquist you can accelereate your recruiting decision process by a factor of up to 200% for recruiters and candidates while improving quality of hiring overall for all involved.

Higher Retention

With bluquist you can increase your retention KPIs measurably after 6-9 months after implementation.

Higher Satisfaction

With bluquist you can increase the satisfaction with your employee development processes thus reaching NPS scores in the spheres of 9.5 out of 10.

Better Leaders

With bluquist your leaders will feel more confident in leading employees and teams, even through difficult situations.

Focused investments

bluquist dashboards reveals with detailed data and insights where your organisation needs most support to shine thus helping you make impactful investments.

Real Talent Data

Most organisations lack real time talent and potential data to support their workforce. With bluquist you will finally reach a state of confident people development organisation wide.

Benefit for talent-centric leaders

Always work with your people on those areas that really help them grow, guided by the tailored data and insights in bluquist.

Benefit for

Get a comprehensive real time understanding of your organization’s talent data like strengths, competencies, development progress and more in fully digital and beautiful dashboards.

Benefit for

Get real time recommendations and support for your personal and professional development in your role and your team. Stay motivated because you experience real development progress.
You indicated you want to leave your comfort zone. Great idea.
Based on your profile, your lower risk-taking tendency is likely to be related to your low score in the “Openness to experience” trait and your “Tranquility” score.
These suggest a favor to stick with familiar situations and avoid situations that may induce anxiety or stress. We can work on strategies together if you would like to. Shall we start?

Develop all talents in your company with a holistic view and modern technology.

Without bluquist

With bluquist

Learn here how to unleash the full potential of your business.

Questions you might have

Everything around people development End-to-End: Every assessment you will ever need to support and develop talents in your company if that is what you are looking for, Hiring Matching 
support from candidate to role, intelligent team management with recommendations on team leading, 360 evaluations, Coaching & Debriefing, Role and Career planning and more. bluquist
is designed to be the only system you’ll need to take care of the “H for Human” in HR.

bluquist is neither an ATS nor a HRM System. There are enough of those already on the market. bluquist complements your ATS and HRM system by the critical data you need to support every
employee of your organization to become a pro a developing themselves and the teams they lead. We integrate with your ATS and HRM system additionally by digital interfaces to make sure you
have all core data already available and always up to date.

Literally any assessment you can imagine. While we offer a number of standard scientifically validated assessments iike Big 5, Psychological Potential, Integral Stress Test and more as 
well as 3rd party assessments like DISC, RMP and others. The additional unique power of bluquist lies in our assessment customization engine that translates any of your skill or or other trait
definitions into professional assessments that can be used to gather high quality talent data wherever your people work. Additionally you can import your roles, job descriptions and other 
3rd party data in bluquist.

Yes we have an API first approach beneath our web application that makes bluquist highly interconnected to any other system. We’ve done integrations for many of our clients into 
well established systems.

Get your own system in minutes here, invite your first teams, make a few assessments, get the first insights and then talk to one of our experts on how to make the most of bluquist by customizing it to your personal needs.

Over the last 2 years our data science and machine learning experts have created very likely one of the most unique and comprehensive ontologies to connect a deep and diversified knowledge pool about human psychology
and integrate it with all the data on your bluquist system as well as a Large Language Model in order to enable all our users to have fully personalized development talks at their own discression.

All bluquist data is stored in an isolated database with only the data from your organization. Database access is protected and the database is not accessible from the internet. 
All of your data is only transferred fully encrypted by the SSL industry encryption standard. 
All Data is being stored on ISO 9001 certified data centers in Germany and secured according to German and European Data Security Regulations.

bluquist works for teams of 10 people and organizations of more than 10.000 people. This also applies for the number of candidates you are recruiting.

Yes, we work directly with a pool currently more than 70 debriefing and coaching experts, that constantly support our users / employees in having sophisticated debriefing and coaching sessions in more than 6 languages directly integrated into bluquist.

Data Security

We take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously. bluquist is software from Potsdam, Germany, hosted in Germany. Besides, we use only the highest industry standards to ensure data protection and confidentiality.

bluquist is
GDPR compliant

We comply with all requirements of the European GDPR to create a legally secure framework for working with bluquist in the EU.

Secure data

bluquist works with state-of-the-art technology in all data exchange with SSL encryption. All user data is encrypted and transmitted between users and our systems.

in Germany

bluquist is developed in Potsdam and all user data is stored on German servers. We only work with service providers registered in Germany for our cloud infrastructure.

of Approval

Data security has the highest priority for us. Therefore, our data protection has been audited by IITR.

Everything in one Place

The complete suite for Human Potential

Leverage your approach with ease by combining your 360s with potential, performance and well-being tools. Create a insight and recommendation hub for organizational growth.

Assessment hub

All your assessments in
one place

360 reviews

Personal, customizable,

Talent analytics

Potential-based people development

Role management

Intelligent roles and career paths

Team dynamics

Lead people


Match talent to skill, culture and team fit

Health & prevention

Boost wellbeing & resilience in the organization

Product updates

Discover new product features


Our support team is happy to help you

bluquist evo

Your personal human potential assistant

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