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Our unique aggregation of assessments leads to holistic and meaningful insights into the personality, values, preferences and competencies of employees and candidates and forms the basis for your HR decisions.

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We change the traditional assessment market by breaking down existing silos and enabling the digitalization of individual psychometric & competency models in one platform.

Industry leading assessments

Today, we have already integrated industry-leading assessment providers (e.g. RMP, 9-Levels, Big 5) and are constantly adding relevant models to our ecosystem. In addition, some models are developed by our own research department.

What advantages do I have through bluquist?

We provide one digital assessment hub to address all your critical workforce analytics needs:

For Leadership

Generate valuable leadership insights and recommendations to foster more effective leaders and leadership development

For Recruiting

Assess and match candidates to find the best fit and secure retention, performance and satisfaction for the candidate and the organisation

For Employee Development

Give your employees access to critical insights about themselves to foster more self-awareness and promote leaps in personal development

For Corporate Health​

Support your Corporate Health efforts with easy & intuitive evaluations granting GDPR conform insights on individual, team and organisational level. Comply with regulatory statues but in a digital and modern way.

For Coaching

Create a common ground of understanding between coachees and coaches to foster more effective and informed coaching experiences 

Selection of our assessments


The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a model for recording personality on the basis of motives. On the basis of 16 scientifically validated life motives it is shown which motives in our life are significantly responsible for our actions. Every person has a unique combination of these motives, which is why categorisations or typologies are not possible. Knowing one’s own motivational characteristics or those of others helps to understand why emotions, motivations for action and overriding goals are present.


The Big Five Test identifies the five most important personality traits in a person and classifies their expression: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.
Personality traits are stable characteristics of a person and form the foundation for our actions, our preferences and our strengths and weaknesses. Whether in private or at work – knowing one’s own personality or that of other people makes it possible to understand certain patterns of behavior.


9-Levels: This assessment determines the expression of individual values. Our values influence the way we think, feel and act. Knowledge of these value systems enables us to understand fit and development with other people, teams and organizations. They can also indicate impulses and paths for change. Our value systems can change and evolve over time and also depending on life situations.

Work preferences

In a professional context, preferences influence our motivation to pursue certain goals and make decisions. If the character and daily routine of our work matches our professional preferences, we do well and are more motivated. This test measures different expressions of preferences in work life and provides a basic understanding of what is important to us. If we pay attention to the fulfillment of our individual preferences, this leads to well-being and satisfaction – and thus to long-term performance.

Psychological potential

This assessment maps a person’s psychological abilities and attitudes. The attributes describe psychological resources, abilities and the capital that a person can draw on – especially in difficult times. The attributes in the Psychological Potential module are trainable – although not to the same degree as many competencies. There is also a closer relationship to personality traits, which can explain why we possess certain skills and potential.

We are extending our assessments and data sources constantly with new alternatives and options to give you ever more possibility to measure what matters in your company.

Assessment Builder

Digitize your internal assessments with bluqist. Capture, analyze and manage all important information for your organization securely in one place. For example, we have digitized company health prevention models and company competence models for our customers.

1. Convert or create

Convert existing assessments or create new ones easily in your own secure bluquist environment.

2. Deep Analysis

With the digital image of the assessments, a comprehensive analysis, interpretation and improvement of your success factors becomes possible.

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