We empower people and organizations to unleash their full potential.

That is our vision.

It is also the reason why we are conducting research. Findings to date show that there are positive correlations between potential-oriented leadership and performance. In order to scale the new way of people management, leadership and interaction in the company, tools are needed. We are researching how these tools need to be designed to be accepted and have a real impact.

Research for us at bluquist means that we always strive to translate all results directly into practice. Research results become implemented functions. This means that people in the company benefit. Potential-oriented leadership and people management succeed.

Our research activities are part of the ProFIT program

At the beginning of 2021, we started a large research project with a duration of almost 2 years. This research project is funded by the ProFIT funding program via the Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) and via the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy of the State of Brandenburg (MWAE) from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

The aim of the research project is to develop an evidence-based artificial intelligence that provides recommendations for different user groups based on potential data, for example for managers, HR, agencies, coaches and employees.

The contents of the project are divided into 9 different work packages. In addition to basic research, highlights include:
– a qualitative study on the application potential of digital HR platforms,
– a quantitative study together with ESB with a focus on predicting performance in service roles,
– the research and development of an interface and engine for health data (HRV stress) via smartwatches,
– as well as the research and development of ontologies and semantic algorithms that provide a basis for networked and self-learning algorithms.

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Current Studies

Human Factors of Technical Sales & Service Excellence

The sales and service business is changing in many areas, becoming more digital, technical and complex. This requires the use of highly qualified employees with a talent for sales and service. The aim of the study is to find out what influence personal factors such as personality, motives, values and resources have on the performance of technical sales and service employees. With the help of an online questionnaire and the bluquist platform we started collecting data this summer.

If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to participate in the study with your company or department, please contact Katharina

Human Potential Management in Times of Digitalization

Megatrends such as digitalization, the shortage of skilled workers, and the increasing importance of DEI and New Work are changing our working world and thus people management. Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important. The aim of this study was to find out how a human potential management platform should be designed according to the needs of the different user groups. The results of the 25 expert interviews provide deep insights into how digitalization affects people management and how human potential management should be designed in the future.

Development of an Artificial Intelligence

The central goal of the research project is to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm with capabilities to explore and learn patterns within our data.

We’re researching in the branch of Natural Language Processing, and building an ontology-based prototype in order to understand the complex semantical relations given by personality attributes, values and skills.

Making health data usable

Together with our partner YourPrevention, we have already been conducting research and development activities on health topics for several years.

As part of the ProFIT research project, we searched for other options to collecting data on stress – beyond the classic questionnaire.

In the area of stress prevention, we have developed a prototype based on the latest research results that enables users to determine their stress and sleep data via a smartwatch and to transmit them to bluquist via an interface. In bluquist, employees can view trends based on the data and gain a view relevant to their work. They also receive immediate recommendations on the platform on how to positively influence their behavior through learning nuggets.

Company’s management can provide smartwatches to their employees; however, they will not have access to individual data in our solution, which will always remain anonymous. However, they are empowered to launch health campaigns and targeted initiatives and coaching to further promote prevention.

Long term research partnership

ESB Business School and bluquist are linked by a long-standing partnership. Two of the founders were once students at ESB Business School themselves. bluquist has already made use of the consulting services of ESB Businness School students within the context of Student Consultancy Projects on several occasions and has supervised the students.
In addition, ESB Business School and bluquist are conducting the joint research project on Human Factors in technical Sales Excellence. Prof. Dr. Tobias Schütz is responsible for the scientific supervision of the bluquist research project and is supported by Emely Hofman, research assistant at ESB Business School.

The research lead team

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schütz

Professor for Marketing & Customer Science | ESB Business School

Tobias Schütz is Professor of Marketing and Customer Science. He is Dean of Studies for the BSc International Management Double Degree (IMX) and Executive Program Advisor for the Master Programs Strategic Sales Management and Cosulting & Business Analytics. His research interests focus on service excellence and customer experience management.

Emely Hofmann, MSc.

Research Assistant | ESB Business School

Emely Hofmann is a research associate at ESB Business School. Already during her studies, Master of Science in empirical educational research and educational psychology at the Eberhardt Karls University in Tübingen, she gained several years of experience as a scientist in the field of empirical research.

Simon Brumm

Founder & Head of Potential | bluquist

Simon Brumm is co-founder of bluquist and has been responsible for the development of the psychological and psychometric components since the beginning. He leads the research activities and manages the integrations of new assessment modules and partner integrations. His master thesis answers the question of how managers can use Positive Psychology and Motivational Psychology methods in a targeted way to promote the well-being of their employees.

Dr. Margarita Diaz Cortes

Data Science Lead | bluquist

Margarita is the data scientist lead at bluquist, where her role includes the responsibility to outline the Data Science strategy for the company, as well as propose novel Machine Learning methods to solve the diverse complex problems in the research activities. Her expertise as a researcher dates from more than ten years ago. Her specialties include data analysis, optimization algorithms design, and Soft Computing applied in engineering and health sciences. She has successfully led multi-disciplinary teams by combining academic and industrial projects with her knowledge transfer, problem-solving, and project management abilities.

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