Find the right person for the job

Companies today face the challenge of increasingly specific and individual role requirements. But the basis for personnel decisions is often incomplete data and subjective empirical values. To make good and objective decisions, you need the knowledge of a person’s personal fit with the role.

Use our roles module to define role requirements and find the right person for the job.

How it works:

1. Create data-driven role profiles

Each role has its own specific requirements that a person must fulfill in order to fulfill the role. Professional qualifications and, of course, character traits are relevant. Create a reference profile for a role – manually or automatically from the profiles of comparable positions or teams. With this profile you can later compare the fit of your candidates. And you keep track of which needs are still open in your organization.

2. Identify the right person

Find the right person quickly and easily with our data-driven matching process. Recognize how well a person fits a role and where there are deviations from the role profile. This enables you to make better personnel decisions, ask the right questions in personnel interviews and prepare the person for the role in a targeted manner.

3. Design role-specific onboarding & training

The exact representation of the deltas between the employee profile and the role profile allows individual development paths to be derived.

Customized onboarding and training measures lead to a successful start and development of your employees in their new role.

The role-module includes:

  • Easily manage and control all your roles
  • Manual creation of role profiles
  • Data-driven creation of role profiles based on employee data
  • Comprehensive description of role profiles (personality, motivation, preferences, values, competencies)
  • Automatically identify suitable talents for roles from the candidate pool or company

Unleash human potential

Every person is unique. With bluquist, you can learn more about your employees and candidates and find out what drives them to perform at their best. This is how the working world of the future works.

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