The integrated corporate health and performance program.

BalancedYou™ is designed for organizations that have an uncompromising commitment to employee health and performance.

Health and energy are the cornerstones of successful organizations:

The great challenge of our time: Chronic stress

1. Two thirds of the working population is affected by significant negative changes in neurobiological balance and behaviors.

2. Employees who struggle with balance are 4.4x more likely to experience symptoms of burnout.

BalancedYou™ is based on the triad of psychology, physiology and behavior. This ensures your employees know their energy levels and can take preventative measures to avoid work-related symptoms like chronic stress and burnout.

How BalancedYou™ improves the health and performance of your business in one year:

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less absent times
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less burnout
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less flucuation
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higher employee satisfaction
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higher performance

Why BalancedYou™ is the smartest choice for your business:

No other enterprise health solution offers digitally seamless, integrated and science-based support in the three areas that drive human well-being and energy:

Healthy Body

Physiological support: Understanding the impact of stressors on the body and improving energy levels.

Clear Mind

Psychological support: Understanding emotional energy levels and improving emotional resilience.

Good Habits

Behavioral support: Understanding behaviors that cost energy and building healthy routines.

Our solution for more health at work

Five components in one central platform that will help you understand the performance indicators of well-being and health in your organization, and enabling you to create a healthy, motivated and high-performing organization.

Science-based assessments:

Get analysis of the 7 most common areas responsible for health and well-being.

Garmin Health data integration:

Unique integration of Garmin Health wearables to measure and understand critical health factors: energy level, sleep quality and stress levels.

Health and well-being monitoring:

Continuous anonymous health tracking of individuals and aggregation of data at the organizational level.

Digital Learning Content

Personalized learning content for each employee to improve performance and health.

Coaching on demand:

Access to certified psychologists and health coaches.

BalancedYou meets the highest standards of data protection: personal data remains private.

Our unique approach: BalancedYou™​ with Garmin.​

Garmin Connect gives you unprecedented insights into the state of well-being and health in your organization.

Personal Dashboard

Employees recognize their personal energy level (Battery Trend), their sleep quality and their stress level. As a result, they understand their own risk and potential and start to improve.

Organizational Dashboard

As a leader, you recognize the condition of your organization in terms of energy level, sleep quality and stress level. This allows you to initiate effective support and measurably improve the health and performance of your organization.

Are you ready to improve the health and performance of your business?

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