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Hi, I am Evo,
I am trained to help you with your personal development and your social awareness. You can ask me many things about your profile and your development.

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bluquist evo is 24/7 available for any user on bluquist and is your personalized assistant to prepare for personal and work related questions and challenges.

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Powered by our proprietary semantic engine

Our proprietary semantic engine is the brain behind bluquist evo. A framework filled with organized information about psychological and personality assessments, and a huge knowledge database with content supervised by psychologists. It empowers the AI language model to understand complex concepts and deliver highly informed and validated responses.

Take control of your development

Take control of your personal results and your development with bluquist evo’s data-driven insights and recommendations. You can optimize your strategies and actions, ensuring success in achieving your goals.

You indicated you want to leave your comfort zone. Great idea. 

Based on your profile, your lower risk-taking tendency is likely to be related to your low score in the “Openness to experience” trait and your “Tranquility” score. 

These suggest a favor to stick with familiar situations and avoid situations that may induce anxiety or stress. We can work on strategies together if you like to.

Your assistant for:

Personalized support

Tailored recommendations and assistance aligned with your personal goals

Improved communication

Personal tips to improve the communication with other team members

Personal growth

Understand the value of your strengths and weaknesses for personal growth and improve your abilities.

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions, whether personal, in talent management, planning or organizational strategy

Enhance teamwork and communication

From asking how to communicate a particular idea you have, to go deep to understand your style to tell things, bluquist evo is here for you.

Your statistically high disagreement score suggests you’re not afraid of critical discussions. Use this assertiveness to handle boundary violations honestly and firmly. However, remember to keep your emotional stability in check during these situations. Most people value harmony in cooperation.

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Leverage your approach with ease by combining your 360s with potential, performance and well-being tools. Create a insight and recommendation hub for organizational growth.

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360 reviews

Personal, customizable,

Talent analytics

Potential-based people development

Role management

Intelligent roles and career paths

Team dynamics

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Match talent to skill, culture and team fit

Health & prevention

Boost wellbeing & resilience in the organization

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