Individual team development

In teams, different people come together – through team development, these differences can become a success factor. Unleash the full potential of the team with people analytics.

Teams as a
success factor

Regular team development in the context of team-building workshops and off-sites have a positive effect on the cooperation and performance of the team. We offer team workshops in Berlin, Hamburg and throughout Germany. We work with our bluquist platform for an objective team analysis and to identify individual strengths and potentials of your team.

Exemplary objectives for a team workshop

  • Strengthening the “WE” feeling and motivation
  • Better cooperation
  • Revealing potentials and synergies
  • Identifying and resolving conflicts
  • Establishing rules for joint cooperation
  • (Further) development of a team vision

Our offer

  • One-day team workshop in a protected and non-judgemental atmosphere
  • 2 trainers with in-depth expertise and many years of experience in Psychology, Leadership and Talent Management
  • Data-supported team analysis with the help of talent analytics by bluquist
  • access to the bluquist platform for 12 months
  • a day full of self-awareness, exchange, reflection and fun
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Your direct contact:

Carolin Eismann

MSc. Business Psychology,
several years of experience in the fields of Psychology, Psychometrics and HR, expertise in Mindfulness (MBSR and MSC)

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