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Unlock powerful insights with the new survey tools

With all in one platform we really mean all in one. With our survey module you can complement all assessment data and metrics by valuable insights on more general people and organizational questions.

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Create Surveys

Easily create surveys with bluquist’s intuitive Survey Builder, starting from scratch or choosing from a variety of customizable templates designed to gather valuable insights in real-time.

Collect Data

Collect data effortlessly - internal and external.

Real-Time Results

Visualize survey results in real-time with bluquist, allowing you to monitor responses as they come in and gain immediate insights to make informed decisions quickly.

Multiple Iterations

Perform multiple iterations of the same survey with bluquist, enabling you to track changes over time and see how insights and trends develop across different survey runs.

Export Options

Easily export survey results with bluquist by selecting iteration-specific or all results to CSV or Excel, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred data analysis tools.

Share Options

Easily export survey results with bluquist by selecting iteration-specific or all results to CSV or Excel, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred data analysis tools.

Decision reason 1

Evolving the employee experience by concentrating all the assessments in just one place.

Decision reason 2

Partnering with a company that brings expertise to Campari Group when designing new skill-based assessments solutions.

Decision reason 3

Collaborating with a partner that could help Campari Group elevate the talent management experience with new technology.

People-centric development


360 feedback is key to increase self-awareness and performance


Empower Leaders to lead strengths-based and to grow


Make sure people’s strengths and potential are seen

Honest collaboration

Encourage honest feedback and strengthen collaboration


Enrich the team’s communication with valuable insights and feedback

Mutual Trust

Enable people to build trust exchanging feedback on the platform

Customization tools​

Use your own models, such as a competency framework. Integration is super easy with our user-friendly CMS or file import compatibility (Excel, JSON, and more).

Keep your goals in focus​

Achieve organizational aspirations and high employee retention effortlessly as you can match your 360° with your strategic goals.

Wellbeing-Index of your organization
82 %

+ 2 % compared to previous month

8,74 / 10

+ 5 % compared to previous month

Employee Engagement Rate
78 %

+ 8 % compared to previous month

Current vacancies
24 / 12

Total / New this month

Organizational trend dashboards​

Empower your leaders with integrated data insights and recommendations. Monitor trends and go into a pro-active mode.

Everything in one Place

The complete suite for Human Potential

Leverage your approach with ease by combining your 360s with potential, performance and well-being tools. Create a insight and recommendation hub for organizational growth.

Assessment hub

All your assessments in
one place

360 reviews

Personal, customizable,

Talent analytics

Potential-based people development

Role management

Intelligent roles and career paths

Team dynamics

Lead people


Match talent to skill, culture and team fit

Health & prevention

Boost wellbeing & resilience in the organization

Product updates

Discover new product features


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