The best person for the right job

Organizations face the challenge of managing and filling an ever-increasing number of increasingly specific employee roles. BLUQUIST’s intelligent role management helps recruiters, HR developers & managers to define and manage their organization’s job requirements faster and easier. Also, innovative matching processes support filling roles with the right employees and help to objectify staffing decisions and tailor onboarding and training measures to the individual employee.

How it works:

Create and manage roles based on data

BLUQUIST allows easy and straightforward creation and management of roles for your organization and includes.

  • Easy creation of role description and details (e.g., tasks, competencies, and responsibilities)
  • Definition of role requirements (personality, competencies, preferences, etc.)
  • Manual or automated creation of role profiles using employee data

Automatically identify fitting employees for roles

The innovative matching procedures of BLUQUIST enable identifying fitting employees for the created role profiles at the push of a button. Thus, staffing decisions are objectified and accelerated.

  • Fast & company-wide search for suitable employees
  • A clear evaluation of the fit via overall & detailed scores
  • Detailed display of matching incl. deviations from the role profile

Optimize onboarding & training for roles

Through the data-driven creation and filling of roles, HR professionals and managers receive a differentiated picture of a person’s suitability for a role and thus show better development paths.

  • Accurate representation of the deltas between employee and role profiles in terms of development opportunities and potentials
  • A precise definition of onboarding & training measures for a successful start of the employee in the new role

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