Build better teams and develop them with precision.

Do you wonder why some teams are extremely successful, and other teams are not? There are differentiated Types of Work, all of which are central to the ongoing success of a team. However, each person likes to perform only certain activities of these types of work. These preferences describe each person’s significant contribution to the team’s success and the specific behaviors behind them. BLUQUIST offers you a unique team assistant to identify and define the task areas optimally with your team.

How it works:

Create teams and add roles or members

Potential-based organizational and team development for your functional and project teams. The most important unit for success and productivity are teams. Often, teams are not the focus of further development and certainly not transparently recognizable for organizational or project development via a system. BLUQUIST makes team development future-oriented and straightforward.

Develop strengths & competencies of teams

Objective measurement of potentials in teams with scientific claims and maximum data protection. It has never been so easy and efficient to support your team structure in composition and development. No matter if skill-, culture- or motivation-based composition. BLUQUIST will almost do the work for you. You only have to make the decision.

Optimize your teams purposefully

Team leads and project leads know the challenges of goal-oriented team development. Strengths, paths, potentials have to be developed laboriously. With BLUQUIST all these tasks are supported analytically. The advantage: Improved team cohesion, interpersonal relationships, and competencies. Save thousands and thousands of Euros of external workshop costs with our wizard’s help and get fast results.

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