Meet your human potential guides – new BLUQUIST Pitch Video

Starting with our Companisto fundraising campaign, we have produced a pitch video aimed at potential investors. You can see the BLUQUIST team as well as exciting insights into how our software can be used. Furthermore, we present our partners, who exclusively tell what they appreciate about our cooperation and which potentials they see. Have fun!

Three traps for organizations – and one way out

Three traps for organizations – and one way out How many organizations can say about themselves that they really know themselves? That they really know and understand their personalities, strengths, values and preferences? Numerous organizations don’t really know themselves. This has become clear to us in talking to many HR managers. This is primarily because

We are passionate about human potential!

Welcome to our blog! We are looking forward to post and share news and interesting insights with you. Have fun! First, let’s introduce what we do: BLUQUIST is your platform to create a culture in which human potential becomes visible and true advancement is possible based on awareness. Who is BLUQUIST?  We are a team