For a healthy company: BalancedYou™ Corporate Health Program

It’s never been more important than in COVID times to promote wellness and balance for the workforce. The BalancedYou™ Corporate Health Program intentionally supports your employees where they are and where particular challenges may arise: at home, at work, as individuals, or as families. Together with YourPrevention™, we designed a digital program consisting of multidimensional impact measurement, effective (online) formats, and coaching to support well-being and performance digitally.

How it works:

Offer real support as an employer for your employees

With immediate remote support, the BalancedYou™ program is there for you when challenges arise. Consciously support your employees where they are right now and where specific challenges may arise: at home, work, as an individual, or as a family.

BalancedYou™ Platform for transparency and impact analysis

The program consists of regular live sessions with scientifically based input, combined with easy-to-apply exercises for everyday life. These take place at fixed times. The sessions last a maximum of 45 minutes. They are recorded and can be viewed later at any time.

Book your coach to get real results

You can also book your personal coach. These are sessions with a very experienced YourPrevention ™ coach for individual concerns. These can be stressful situations, work problems or anything else that is currently important.

Based on the Platform, our partner coaches Florian Wolf and Patricia Nau develop effective measures for companies exactly where it helps the people and the organisation best.

A synergy of medicine and data

With YourPrevention™ you get the best program on the market

Our partner YourPrevention™ scientifically supports employees and managers individually to improve resilience and productivity and to recognize tendencies for exhaustion, burnout, and psychological changes at an early stage. Our approach combines the elaboration and activation of physical, mental, and social competencies.

Enterprise customers with the BalancedYou™ program

Several international enterprise customers from the pharmaceutical and banking sectors are currently using the BLUQUIST BalancedYou ™ program. The majority of our users come from Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Try it yourself

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