Integral framework for potential development

BLUQUIST has developed a holistic, science-based framework for potential development: the Dynamics of EvolutionTM.

With Dynamics of EvolutionTM we enable you to measure and actively develop your employees’ traits, strengths, and well-being. We achieve holistic potential development by integrating different dynamics such as personality, intrinsic motives, values & preferences, resources, competencies, well-being & mindful balance. We make these mutually influencing dynamics visible and improvable for you.


The basic approach of this model is to promote the self-awareness of each individual. Each person should be empowered to know themselves very well in order to lay the foundation for future development. Development data is generated through short playful assessments. These form the basis for individual development, planning, and matching, and this also at a team and organizational level.

How it works:

Activate the inner core: get to know the personalities of your organization – and your own

Every person is a unique personality with individual life motives. When character strengths and motives are activated through activities, a strong and sustainable energy source, productivity, goal orientation, and intrinsic motivation are released. Knowing and using this capital is a prerequisite for the highest performance. Apply with BLUQUIST the results from the modules Reiss Motivation Profile® and the BIG 5 personality traits.

The benefits:
  • Enable people in your organization to explore their inner core and learn about their intrinsic motivations

  • A one-time measurement provides results that can be used for a variety of use cases, such as further development or matchings

  • Personality and motivation-based matching to appropriate roles, tasks, and development paths leads to activation of high motivation and readiness for performance

Shape value-based change and enable purposeful improvement

In the central layer of Dynamics of EvolutionTM lie our values, preferences, resources, and abilities. People influence these attributes and can use, adapt, or train themselves depending on the situation.

With the 9 Levels Value Systems and the Work Preferences modules, your employees can measure their values, cultural factors, and preferences. The Psychological Potential also measures the resources that people can draw on, especially in difficult times. The Key Competencies and Leadership Competencies modules are the foundation for strengths-based development and leadership.

The benefits:
  • Enable culture- and value-based development and transformation of your organization and support people individually

  • Measure and promote the development of psychological potentials such as resilience, optimism, and self-confidence.

  • Enable people to use their strengths and skills in the right place and develop them in a targeted way

Lead your employees to well-being, balance, and flow

Individual well-being is of utmost importance for every human being. When we are not well, it prevents us from being productive, creative, and balanced. When we are well, we get into a flow more easily, are intrinsically motivated faster, and have greater creative power.

With the Well-being and BalancedYouTM modules, your employees measure their well-being and take their health into their own hands.

The benefits:
  • Simple, daily measurement with optionally usable diary function

  • At the organizational level, trends can be perceived anonymously.

  • Make factors such as mindfulness, mental focus, energy management, and others tangible and thereby improvable, for example, through mindfulness initiatives or tailor-made learning units

  • Promote inner balance, performance, resilience – let your employees flourish

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