In our video podcast, Rachel talks to Johannes about the importance of diversity and inclusion in companies, where more action is needed, and how Rachel’s company has developed a data-driven solution for this. You’ll also get personal insights from Rachel from over 10 years of experience in Product Management and how her path led from Oxford & Standford University, to Silicon Valley and finally to starting her own company.

Rachel Dowling has 10 years of experience in software product management. She studied at Stanford and Oxford and then spent many years working in Silicon Valley in various software companies, education technology, and hospitality technology in Europe. She is the founder of Equalicert, a platform that aims to help companies become more equal and diverse, and strives to be more sustainable.

In her view, organizations have huge potential that has yet to be tapped because it’s not just about individuals. It’s more about how teams work together. Because the more diverse teams are, but also have a welcoming culture and an inclusive culture for differences, the better they perform. In addition, these teams are more creative and achieve better results. For this, data-driven practices can be a useful tool to better implement the topics of diversity and inclusion in management.

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