Diversity and inclusion as key drivers of performance

In our video podcast, Rachel talks to Johannes about the importance of diversity and inclusion in companies, where more action is needed, and how Rachel’s company has developed a data-driven solution for this. You’ll also get personal insights from Rachel from over 10 years of experience in Product Management and how her path led from

Data-based potential analysis – Go or Nogo? Podcast with Prof. Dr. Tobias Schütz from ESB Business School

In our video podcast, Prof. Dr. Tobias Schütz, Professor of Marketing and Customer Science at the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, talks to Johannes Ehrhardt about the topic of #potentialrecognition and #potentialdevelopment. He sees the low prevalence of #potentialanalysis in Germany as a missed opportunity. Previous experience should not be the only criterion to

How HR & Recruiting become a success factor with Paul Taaffe

In our video podcast, Paul talks to Johannes about the developments in recruiting, the differences between American and European mindsets in recruiting, and the much-needed change of thinking in HR departments due to a lack of vision and strategy. You’ll also get Paul’s personal insights from over 25 years in Finance & Recruiting. Paul Taaffe

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